YMCKO ribbons print in the standard four colors -- yellow, magenta, cyan and black -- but also include a protective clear overlay. This overlay is ideal when you need to print cards for frequent usage, because this protective varnish means you won’t need to use a laminator -- it’s all done in one step during the printing process.

Known as the four-color or full-color process, YMCK printing gives you the ability to print photo-quality images with a high level of realism and color variation. With the added overlay our YMCKO ribbons provide via their protective varnish, you can print photo-quality IDs that retain their high quality images in spite of frequent usage.

Point man Technologies offers a YMCKO ribbon for every single or double-sided color printing application. They are ideal when you want to print durable ID cards or badges without the headache of having to laminate them or the expense of purchasing separate protective badge holders. Give our YMCKO ribbons a try and experience vivid color and high quality -- without the need for a laminator!