RFID cards are commonly used for applications such as access control because they provide increased security in addition to convenience. They are the plastic cards or badges that are waved or tapped in front of a card reader instead of being swiped, and they offer a durable and easy way for your employees or guests to access secure facilities while keeping them secure. Pointman Technologies offers RFID cards and RFID card printers for a variety of needs.

With Pointman Technologies RFID plastic card printers and badge printers at the center of your RFID application, you’ll be able to simultaneously print, encode and verify your RFID cards with confidence. Like all of our card printers, card readers and other products, our RFID printers offer the utmost reliability and quality at a price that works with your budget.

Pointman Technologies is a global supplier of a wide variety of card printers, card readers and related products for many different industries. Contact us today to learn more about what RFID cards can do for your operations and how Pointman Technologies RFID card printers can meet your needs and exceed your expectations.