Pointman Technologies offers a wide variety of card reading machines for several different applications and for cards using magnetic stripes, contact or contactless technologies.

Our card readers are ideal for use in access control technologies, kiosks and retail POS terminals, ATMs and more. Some are more compact, such as our TTM Series of motorized card readers that offer a high level of security and can be used for everything from fare collection to banking and payment applications. Others are durable standalone models, such as the TCM-3000 Desktop Card Encoder, which is a magnetic stripe and contact smart card reader and writer for banking ATM / CD, kiosk terminals, access control and retail POS. And we offer the TDR Series Manual Full Insertion Card Reader, a versatile and affordable solution that handles both magnetic stripe and smart cards. What all of our card reading machines have in common is a high level of reliability and security.

Many types of card reader machines are available from Pointman Technologies, and we welcome your questions about which is right for your needs. Browse our selection of card reading devices and read the specifications of each, and then contact us for a quote!

Magnetic Stripe and Contact Smart Card Reader & Writer for Banking ATM, Kiosk.

A compact-size motorized card reader that is focused on reducing the dimension for space.

Field Proven Technology for Magnetic Stripe and Contact Smart Card Reader & Writer.

Manual full insertion card reader of magnetic stripe and smart cards.