Pointman Technologies offers reliable card dispensing machines that support a variety of card types and dispense them at a high rate of speed. We also offer machines with different hopper capacities, and a card dispenser with the ability to automatically change from an empty to a full hopper is also available -- so you never have to experience an interruption in continuous card dispensing.

Our selection includes credit card dispensers and gift card dispensers, with hopper quantities of 150, 300 or 500 pcs. Our intelligent card dispensers are able to distinguish between cards of different thicknesses, such as from 0.2 mm ~ 1.2 mm. For the ultimate in versatility, Pointman Technologies Inc. also offers multi-dispensers that can be used with a card printer, card reader / writer, or ticket issuing unit, and can support hoppers with different card types as well.

If you’re looking for card dispensing machines that can handle all types of cards reliably and with ease, browse Pointman Technologies many gift card and credit card dispensers. Then contact us for a quote or to ask us any questions you may have. We’re happy to help you find the right card dispensing solution for your needs!

High dispensing speed with Support various card types. Hopper capacity: Default 150pcs.

High dispensing speed with dual series structure. Hopper Automatic Change for continuous dispensing.

High dispensing speed with support various card types. Hopper capacity: Default 300pcs.

High dispensing speed with dual series  structure. Combination with Card Printer, Card Reader/Writer, Ticket Issuing Unit.