Visitors to your school need secure badges that clearly identify them and provide proper access to facilities, activities and events. 

With Pointman Identification Security Printing for your school visitor ID solutions, you can issue secure, durable visitor badges that:

• Manage identification of parents, vendors, substitute teachers and other guests

• Support instant issuance when visitors enter your facility

• Strengthen your brand by incorporating school colors, logo and mascot

The Pointman Difference

Issuers around the world trust Pointman to create highly successful card programs.
Here is why:

• Essential benefits. We help establish programs that maximize security and optimize efficiency while reducing risk and total cost of operation.

• Superior security. We enable customers to create highly secure identity documents that protect people, facilities, networks and other critical resources.

• Best practices. As a central figure in highly secure programs worldwide, Pointman has deep knowledge of industry best practices and can give customers direct access to it.

• Comprehensive portfolio. Our solutions include innovative software, reliable hardware, secure supplies and expert service with a global footprint.

• Collaborative approach. Pointman collaborates with leading school and campus integrators to provide complete solutions for all types of campuses.

• Flexibility. Flexibility is critical for meeting specific needs. Our solutions can easily adapt to new requirements, technologies and processes.




Safety and Security

Ideally, your campus is a place where students feel safe and remain protected from a variety of common and uncommon threats. Establishing a successful, well-designed secure ID program is an essential requirement for maintaining security throughout K-12 schools, colleges and universities, and other educational institutions.

Pointman Identification Security Printing solutions for education enable schools of all sizes to create a safe, secure campus environment for students, faculty, staff and guests. Because our portfolio includes such a wide variety of choices, it is easy to find a solution that aligns with your schedule, budget and program size.

One Card for Everything

Campus card systems can be used virtually everywhere — in dorms, libraries, labs, cafeterias, bookstores and even vending machines. The challenge for schools is offering all of these capabilities without creating a web of disconnected card programs.

Pointman Identification Security Printing Solutions offers many ways for schools to issue one card that does it all. By working with all types of multi-application cards that encompass all of the technologies schools needs it allows for easy integration with existing access control systems, campus card solutions and cashless payment. This approach increases productivity by automating formerly manual processes, and it helps protect the budget because there is only one card program to manage.

Continuous Convenience

Today’s students have very different expectations than the previous generation. Tech-savvy millennials are accustomed to mobile devices and cashless payment. They demand convenience and ease of use, especially when it comes to transactions around campus.

Pointman Identification Security Printing solutions support card programs that appeal to this demographic. Versatile campus cards offer an excellent way for your school to create a reputation for innovation and attract students who value it. Plus, card-driven solutions help create new revenue streams for your campus.